Welcome to Libsuite. As a specialist provider to the hotel and hospitality industry our hosting infrastructure is designed specifically for hotels and hospitality companies that potentially stand to lose thousands of dollars in lost revenue if their website is down for even a couple of minutes. Our hosting environment currently supports over 400 hotels, guesthouses, hostels and bed and breakfasts worldwide, every day over network transacts over $1.2 Million USD in bookings reservations without failure on our ultra high availability network.  The Libsuite SWIFTSERVER platform ensures that your website will load faster than the competition, in fact thanks to SSD disks used as standard for our hosting environment your website will benefit from page load speeds up to 300% faster than other hosting providers.   We also provide Cloudflare’s content delivery network as standard on all hosting packages.  With Cloudflare, your website loads up to 200% faster for your visitors.

As a specialist hosting company only focusing on hotels we can bring our hotel transaction grade hosting to our clients at a price and quality of service that is unbeatable.  Choose the right package for you, or take a look at our managed services packages.